IndiaHusbands did not provide food; The phone exploded; The relative...

Husbands did not provide food; The phone exploded; The relative said that Suneesha was subjected to severe torture


  • Allegedly abused by husband and family
  • The phone exploded
  • Suneesha was found dead in the toilet

Kannur: Vallyamma Devaki said that Suneesha, who committed suicide at her husband’s house, was subjected to severe torture. Devaki says that Suneesha was constantly harassed. Devaki says that her husband’s family did not even give food to Suneesha.

Suneesha had been eating for a month after buying a parcel from the hotel. He was not even allowed to contact the family. Devaki alleged that the phone exploded when she tried to call the family.

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The family alleges that Suneesha committed suicide due to domestic violence. Suneesha is the wife of Vijeesh, a native of Korom. The family said that Suneesha had sent a voice message stating that her husband and family members were abusing her. Suneesha was found hanging in the bathroom of her house on Sunday evening.

Suneesha had told her brother that she would not be alive if she was not taken away. Suneesha says that she is constantly harassed at her husband’s house.

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Vijeesh and Suneesha were married a year and a half ago. The two families were not in a relationship as it was a romantic marriage. Suneesha, who was staying at her husband’s house, was constantly harassed by her husband’s mother and father. An audio recording of Suneesha crying to her brother that she would not be alive if she was not taken away was released.

On August 5, Suneesha’s mother had lodged a complaint with the Payyannur police alleging that her daughter was being harassed at her husband’s house. Both families were called and problems were resolved. It was after this that Suneesha was found dead.

Meanwhile, Suneesha’s family has complained that the police are ignoring their complaint. According to the family, the police were of the view that even if a written complaint was lodged after the death, it would not be accepted. Payyannur DySP Premachandran said that a detailed inquiry has been started into Suneesha’s death. He said a detailed statement from the woman’s family had been recorded. He added that an investigation was underway into the audio recording that the young woman allegedly sent to her husband before she died.

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