IndiaHusband with girlfriend in hotel room; Wife arrested with daughter; ...

Husband with girlfriend in hotel room; Wife arrested with daughter; Naked and dragged


  • Husband with girlfriend in hotel room
  • Wife caught with daughter
  • The clothes were torn and beaten

Valsad (Gujarat): A woman was caught red-handed by her husband, who was staying with his girlfriend in a hotel room. The incident took place in Valsad, Gujarat. The wife grabbed her husband, who was in an extramarital affair. She then beat her husband’s girlfriend and tore her clothes.

The incident took place at a hotel in the Valsad area, the English news channel Times Now reported. The wife and daughter of the man who arrived at the hotel with his girlfriend followed them to the hotel. Her husband, who was sharing a room with another woman, was caught during a subsequent search. They arrived at the hotel with their families.

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The wife and gang, who caught her husband’s extramarital affair, confronted both of them physically. They reportedly assaulted not only her husband but also the woman who was with him. He beat his girlfriend, tore her clothes and stripped her naked.

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According to the report, the wife and daughter, who had stripped the woman naked with her husband, forced the woman to leave the room without clothes. Police say they are investigating the incident.

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