Husband gave rose flower to his wife, the wife shyly said -...

Husband gave rose flower to his wife, the wife shyly said – love is intoxicated

The husband tries everything to please his wife. These types of videos also go viral on social media. Recently, a video went viral, in which a husband is trying hard to please his wife. Seeing the reaction of the wife, people are laughing and laughing on social media. Although this video is from Pakistan, but this video is also going viral in India.

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In the viral video, it can be seen that a person is seen sitting in the car, he has brought goods for the house from the market. He calls his wife to deliver the goods. The wife comes out of the house laughing. As soon as the car approaches, the husband gives a rose flower to his wife. The wife goes shy for a while, but says shyly – ‘The minced meat is on the stove, and their love is not ending here.’ This video is being told of Pakistan. However, it is going viral in India.

This video has been viewed by 178,462 people. It has been liked by more than 35 thousand people. Many comments are coming on this video. One user wrote – Sister-in-law is shy, while another user wrote – Really this is true love.


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