WorldHurricane Ida: The storm turned the whole river!

Hurricane Ida: The storm turned the whole river!

Own report: There is no end to the storms. But that’s why the cyclone turned the whole river! That too happened. The direction of the river changed due to the cyclone in America.

The Category 4 Hurricane ‘Ida’ hit the South Coast of the United States on Sunday afternoon. The hurricane, which struck Louisiana, had a speed of 150 miles per hour. It is known that the nature of the Mississippi River changed for a while due to the impact of such a cyclone. Mississippi suddenly changed its course due to the storm and started flowing in the opposite direction. According to meteorologists, this is a rare occurrence.

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Ida’s impact has been severely damaged. The trees have collapsed, the roof of the house has been torn down. No electricity. About 1 million people are in crisis. About 2-6 feet of tidal wave was expected. The U.S. Geological Survey said the storm slowed the Mississippi River on Sunday. The river that flows at a speed of 300,000 cubic feet per second in the Gulf of Mexico was swept away by the storm for 40,000 cubic feet per second for several hours!

Meteorologists commented that this change of direction in Mississippi is a very rare event. However, they say the issue is not entirely unusual. However, some experts think that more research is needed in this regard.

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