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Humans will become slaves of robots! Artificial intelligence can capture the brain


  • Research expressed apprehension – robots can make humans their slaves in future
  • Artificial intelligence can be captured on human mind and body
  • Quantum AI system can more accurately mimic human brain

The human mind remembers everything related to his life. Whatever a person learns from his experiences, the human brain preserves it, but now researchers have raised new fears about it. Researchers think that the human brain is likely to ‘filter’, that is, to forget everything that is not necessary for memorization. Science journalist and US Navy veteran Tristan Greene believes that just one minor change can completely change the future of human civilization.

AI made according to children’s brains
This claim is being made because Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been designed keeping in mind the minds of children and youth. AI is able to learn anything quickly but make changes independently. Scientists believe that the brain has its own ‘codes’, so AI cannot copy anything from the human brain. These codes are notes when the brain is developing.
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can affect human life
Scientists at MIT reported a few years ago that the basal ganglia of the brain learn on their own over time. According to scientists, no matter how advanced AI is, it cannot smell, see, taste, feel and enjoy like humans. Despite this, if humans continue to help AI to develop in this way, then artificial intelligence can rapidly affect human life.

Can capture human mind
According to the authors of the research, if we develop a quantum AI system that can more accurately mimic the human brain, it could go a long way in discovering the technology towards developing sensation from organic matter. According to the researcher, a strong brain-computer-interface may one day be able to speak the language of the human brain. A situation in which computers can capture our senses and send input directly to our brains.


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