WorldHulusi Akar launched a new academic year for the Turkish Air Force

Hulusi Akar launched a new academic year for the Turkish Air Force

The new flying school year in the Turkish Air Force Command began with a joint flight carried out by the Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar and the commanders of the branches of the Turkish Armed Forces.

The seat of the first pilot of the A400M aircraft “Koca Yusuf” was taken by the head of the Turkish defense department.

Recently, “Koca Yusuf” has been actively involved in humanitarian relief operations, as well as in the process of evacuating personnel in Afghanistan.

The plane was accompanied by a fighter piloted by the commander of the Turkish Air Force, General Hasan Kucukakyuz.

The new flying school year 2021 – 2022 of the Turkish Air Force kicked off with a ceremony hosted by the 12th Main Air Transport Base Command in Kayseri.

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In addition to Hulusi Akar, the ceremony was attended by the head of the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces, General Yashar Guler, the commander of the ground forces, General Musa Avsever, the commander of the air force, Adnan Ozbal, and the commander of the air force, Kucukakyuz.

Speaking at the ceremony, Akar noted that the Turkish Armed Forces perform important tasks both in the country and abroad.

The minister recalled that the Turkish Air Force recently celebrated the 110th anniversary of its founding.

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“As one of the oldest air forces in the world, you have fulfilled and continue to fulfill your duties with tremendous dedication and heroism,” said Akar.

The head of the defense department stressed that the Turkish Armed Forces will make efforts to the last to ensure that the tasks assigned to them are fulfilled in the best possible way.

“We will fight to the end for the unity, integrity, sovereignty and independence of our country and nation, as well as for the security of our people and borders,” Akar stressed.

The minister also touched upon the significant achievements in the Turkish defense industry.

The head of the department recalled that Turkey develops, produces and exports its own ammunition, helicopters, reconnaissance and attack UAVs, howitzers and ships.

In the near future, the development of a domestic fighter will be completed and we will get rid of import dependence in the defense industry, Akar added.

“Thanks to the leadership, support and encouragement of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the percentage of domestic products in the defense industry will increase even more. We will be able to protect the security of the country and the nation with the help of our own weapons, technologies, equipment and ammunition, ”the minister said.

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