WorldHubble Space Telescope took a picture of 6 'dead galaxies', what happened...

Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of 6 ‘dead galaxies’, what happened here?

US space agency NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has discovered 6 ‘dead’ galaxies in deep space. When the universe was 3 billion years old, cold hydrogen gas was needed to produce stars. At this time the fastest stars were being born, but then the gas of these galaxies ran out. Researchers have taken pictures of these galaxies through gravitational lensing.

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Hubble has discovered the galaxies MRG-M1341, MRG-M0138, MRG-M2129, MRG-M0150, MRG-M0454 and MRG-M1423. A galaxy continues to grow and develop as long as stars continue to form in it, but in these galaxies this process has stopped. In this discovery, Hubble was helped by the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) of Chile.

Where did the gas go?
The lead author of the study and Associate Professor of Astronomy at the University of Massachusetts, Kate Witcker, has suggested that all galaxies in the universe at this point in time should be making a lot of stars. So what happened to all the cold gas in these galaxies so early? Scientists still do not understand how the gas ended 11 billion years ago.

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hard to come back
Whittaker says that if the black hole has heated the gas, the hot gas must still be there. Or it may be that this gas ran out and could not return to the Galaxy. Or all the gas is used up. More research is needed to know the answers to these questions, but these galaxies will be alive again, it is less likely. However, researchers say that galaxies continued to grow even after stars did not form.

NASA released the video of the explosion in the star, 5 billion times brighter than the sun

Hubble took a picture of the dead galaxies

Hubble took a picture of the dead galaxies


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