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How to put a nuclear plant on the Moon? NASA is seeking an idea to generate electricity in space


  • NASA begins accepting proposals to set up a nuclear plant on the Moon
  • NASA seeking design of rocket-carrying nuclear plant
  • Plan to ensure availability of electricity to settle humans on the Moon

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The discovery of electricity has brought such a revolution in the whole world, which no one had expected. At present, life on earth cannot be imagined without electricity. Electricity is needed in every sector from daily life to health. So what if we were able to generate electricity in space? Could it revolutionize space travel? Scientists around the world are busy finding answers to such questions.

Must be model to be carried on rocket
Actually, the US space agency NASA has announced to install a nuclear power system for the production of electricity before 2030. According to NASA, this reactor will be durable and high-powered. For this, NASA has sought portable models of nuclear power plants from companies and engineers around the world. NASA has stipulated that this power plant should be capable of taking it to the Moon in a 12-foot-long, 18-foot-wide rocket.

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Electricity will be made to settle humans on the moon
NASA has tied up with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) of the US Department of Energy to invest in this multi-billion dollar project. NASA is preparing to send humans to the Moon after 50 years from today through the Artemis mission. In such a situation, his eyes are already set on developing the necessary infrastructure on the surface of the Moon.

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NASA and INL sought ideas
INL issued a statement saying that it is looking for companies to design nuclear power systems for use on the Moon. Anyone who has such a model can contact. The line of request for reactor designs will be open at the NASA and Department of Energy sites until February 19, 2022.

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Nuclear plant to be built on earth
This plant will be built on Earth and then it will be sent to the Moon. The US space agency NASA has extended the timing of its mission to send astronauts to the Moon to 2025. The space agency had earlier planned to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024. NASA Administrator Bill Nielsen made the announcement on Tuesday regarding the delay in this mission.