IndiaHow Sri Lanka was ruined in China's affair, the pain of these...

How Sri Lanka was ruined in China’s affair, the pain of these families reached India is enough to tell the whole story

new Delhi: For a few days, we have been hearing the news of inflation and economic crisis in our neighboring country Sri Lanka. However, it is not limited to just passing through periods of inflation and economic crisis. Its effect has started showing and the situation has become such that people have started leaving the country. Why this happened and how it happened will be a different topic and will also be discussed, but what was the compulsion in front of two families who, ignoring the rules, forgetting the fear and leaving Sri Lanka to Tamil Nadu by boat . He has reached here by giving 50 thousand rupees to the boatman.

The prices of milk and bread are manifold, it becomes difficult to feed the children.

R Gajendran, 24, his wife Mary Clarins, 23, and their four-month-old son Nijath took a boat from Mannar with Dori Aniston, 28, and their two children, Esther, 9, and Moses, 6. Gajendran, Mary and Dori, who arrived in Tamil Nadu, said that the prices of milk and bread have more than tripled, making it difficult for them to feed their children. The queues for cylinders are looking more than 2 km long and the whole day was being spent in collecting water and fetching items for cooking. Cooking also became difficult due to non-availability of LPG cylinders. Dori, who came with her children, has left her husband in Sri Lanka.

The wave of Sri Lanka’s economic crisis is being felt on Indian shores
Panicked by the rising cost of essentials like bread and milk and 2km long queues for fuel, Tamil families illegally resorted to boats from Sri Lanka to India. The Indian Coast Guard rescued sixteen refugees, including eight children, from an island near Rameswaram and Dhanushkodi Ghat in southern Tamil Nadu where they were stranded. Police sources informed that the refugees paid Rs 50,000 to the boatman and he left them on the sand dune at midnight. Marine police took the refugees into custody. Two families who have arrived in India have lived in refugee camps in Tamil Nadu. It is also being speculated that the economic crisis may force more families to migrate. Tamil refugees started arriving in the early 1980s due to the civil war. Today there are around 60,000 refugees living in 107 camps across Tamil Nadu. About 30,000 more live outside these camps.

Sri Lanka’s broken back while repaying the debt of China, then pleaded for help from the same; Will the dragon hold hands?
Why did such a thing happen to Sri Lanka?

Now Sri Lanka must be understanding how heavy it can be to take a loan from China. Inflation has reached record levels, food prices have shot up, and government coffers are rapidly depleting. There is a possibility that Sri Lanka may not go bankrupt. The question is how did this condition of Sri Lanka happen. There are many reasons for this. The tourism sector of the country was badly affected due to the Corona crisis. At the same time, increased government spending and tax cuts made the situation worse. Sri Lanka’s back broke while repaying China’s debt from above. China owes Sri Lanka more than $5 billion in debt. Last year, it took another $1 billion loan from China to tide over the financial crisis in the country. In the next 12 months, the country needs about $ 7.3 billion to pay off domestic and foreign loans. In such a situation, Sri Lanka must have understood how the mistake happened.