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How much money can you win at Bingo

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Bingo, bingo, bingo! A real passion for many of us: let’s see together how much money you can win at bingo and how to keep the fun rate always high! Bingo offers many possibilities when it comes to earnings and prize pools: this generally depends on how many users are logged in at that moment, how many cards the connected players have purchased and the cost of the cards. Play
it can pay off a lot and the fun never fails: today you can play anywhere, just connect with your computer, tablet or smartphone to your favorite bingo site.

To start winning and earning bingo, you must first carefully consider which bingo site to play on and which room to choose. On each site you will always find many rooms and many variations on the bingo theme and you can choose your favorite, also taking into account the number of balls drawn, the cost of the cards, the jackpot up for grabs and the promotions in progress at that time. But what you always have to check is the number of people who are playing, because the higher the number of participants, the lower the chances of winning, but the higher the amount up for grabs. In each game session there are two main prizes up for grabs, the five and the bingo, to which the jackpot is added, but only if you play bingo within a certain number of draws. Five wins if you complete five numbers in a row, while bingo is won when all the numbers on the card are completed. The five and bingo are paid in proportion to the prize pool of the game, depending on the odds established before the game itself. Remember then that in online bingo you must never fear losing the prize that has been awarded to you: even if you get distracted, if you fall asleep or even turn off your computer, you will see your prize conveniently credited to your virtual gaming account. Once you understand how to play bingo, the next step is to understand and know what bingo is to win. In the online version, the rewards are generally more numerous than in the traditional version.

Ordinary prizes and Jackpots

Here are all the bingo prizes:

• Both

• Terno

• Quatern

• Fifty

• Fifty guaranteed

• A line

• Two lines

• Three lines

• Four lines

• Bingo

• Guaranteed Bingo

• Binghetto

• Progressive jackpot

• Fixed jackpot

Along with the many ordinary prizes, there are many other prizes in bingo that help increase your chances of winning. The jackpot is awarded to the player who bingo with a certain amount of numbers or symbols drawn, not exceeding a predetermined number made known before the start of the game. If not won, the jackpot is not awarded and can be won in subsequent games where it will be up for grabs again. Jackpots are never deactivated and can be of two types:

• Fixed jackpot (or “with progressive draw”)

• Occasional jackpot (or “progressive with variable draw”)

The fixed jackpots are the result of the collection of the various purchase shares of the cards. The jackpot will be awarded only if the bingo has been made with a number of extracts equal to or less than the predetermined number and if this does not happen the figure is set aside for subsequent games until it is hit. Fixed jackpots are only paid out if bingo is hit within a given call. This limit is announced before each game and may vary from room to room. For example, in a room that has a fixed jackpot within call number 40, if one or more players hit the bingo before the 40th number or symbol drawn, the fixed jackpot will be awarded. If, on the other hand, this situation does not occur, the amount of the fund is further set aside and it is up for grabs in subsequent games, until it is won by some lucky player. The jackpot may or may not be up for grabs in each game. The amount of the prize is always equal to a percentage of the fund of fixed jackpots. A share of the prize pool is accumulated in this fund. The fund rate that determines the amount of the prize and the maximum amount of numbers drawn to win it change only after the jackpot has been awarded. During each game, the jackpots to be won, the amount of the jackpot and the quantity of numbers drawn that allow the win are clearly indicated in the room. However, even if there are more jackpots up for grabs, only one can be won. In the event of a fixed jackpot winning, a predefined percentage of the fund indicated for each room is awarded as a win. The remainder of the fund remains available for subsequent draws and is redistributed to all fixed jackpots available in the room, following the characteristics of the jackpots indicated in the rules of each bingo room. The most difficult jackpots to achieve, i.e. those with the fewest draws granted, are also those with the largest prizes. The occasional jackpots, on the other hand, are not based on the percentage of the purchase share of the cards but on a fixed amount for each game. When this figure is reached, the occasional jackpot is up for grabs, starting with a certain ball. It is then incremented more and more for each subsequent game until someone hits the jackpot with a win.

Differences between bingo and tombola

The main difference between bingo and the
lies in the winnings and in the combinations that can be created: in the game of bingo you win with five, bingo and jackpot, while in the game of bingo you also win with both, three and four. The odds of winning in bingo and bingo are the same, but in bingo the odds of winning change according to the room chosen: if there are more people, you have less chance of winning, but if you win, the prize pool will be higher. And you, have you already chosen your favorite bingo site?