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How is this ‘Ram Leela’ in AIIMS, there was a ruckus after the video surfaced, apologized if the matter escalated

New Delhi
A video clip of some students at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the capital has gone viral. In this they are playing Ramlila. In this, these students have used wrong language about Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita. There was a ruckus as soon as the video went viral. Seeing the matter catching up, the AIIMS student organization has apologized.

This program took place at AIIMS on Dussehra. In this indecent remarks were made for Lord Rama and Mother Seema. Ramlila was made fun of in the entire dialogue. Seeing this video on social media, it went viral. The anger of the people broke out on the students. They started demanding action against them. After this the Student Association published the apology on Twitter itself. As of now no action has been taken in the matter.

The AIIMS Student Association has apologized for the behavior of the students, saying that it was not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments. It has also asked to ensure that such activity will not happen again in future.