WorldHow does Singapore plan to 'coexist' with Covid-19?

How does Singapore plan to ‘coexist’ with Covid-19?

Regulations will be gradually relaxed. Singapore will stop counting daily infections and will instead track hospitalizations, need for intensive care interventions, and deaths. The blockade measures, tracing will no longer be and people will be able to move freely.
The key to the strategy is mass vaccination. Although the vaccine does not completely prevent infection with the new strain, it does reduce symptoms and hospitalization. Singapore expects two-thirds of adults to receive at least one dose by August.
In addition, Singapore has also developed and applied a rapid test method to test before major events or people entering the country, instead of testing on a large scale. People are also urged to be more responsible to the community, maintain good hygiene and avoid crowds if they feel unwell.
The new route is set in view of the fact that Covid-19 will not be completely eliminated and Singapore is forced to live with the epidemic, when the country is heavily dependent on tourism and trade. New strains like Delta are increasingly making the previous strict blockade difficult to maintain. Currently, Singapore has recorded more than 62,600 cases with 36 deaths related to the Covid-19 epidemic.


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