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How does Hung Dung return to the Vietnamese team to “troubleshoot” Coach Park?

Because he registered late and was not granted a license to attend the tournament by the AFF Cup organizers, he was not eligible to enter Singapore, so Hung Dung missed the opportunity to stand with the Vietnamese team. But he will return in the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup.

Hung Dung trained with the Vietnamese team in Vung Tau in the final days of the preparation for the AFF Cup 2020 but did not have a predestined relationship with this tournament and had to return to Hanoi.

In 2019, not only in two matches against the Thais but also in other matches in the second qualifying round of the World Cup against Indonesia, Malaysia and UAE, Hung Dung’s great dedication brought the Vietnamese team a transformation. in attack and stable in defensive missions from a distance.


Hung Dung has become the most important piece in the tactical operation of the Vietnamese team. Hung Dung will continue to be an important link in the Vietnamese team’s machine in matches with Asian-class opponents.

Hung Dung will come back, will shine, of course not only Mr. Park but all Vietnamese fans expect the same!