WorldHow Chernobyl employees stood up to the Russians: the story of the...

How Chernobyl employees stood up to the Russians: the story of the special envoy of Le Figaro

REPORT – They cohabited with the army and tried at all costs to guarantee safety to avoid a second accident.

Special envoy to Chernobyl

Lioudmila Kozak sums up her work in a few words: she and her colleagues are “the eyes” of Chernobyl. Since 2006, the energetic young woman has been scrutinizing the camera monitors of the nuclear power plant, which has been out of service since 1986, the date of one of the most serious accidents in history. On February 24, when she had to finish her shift, Lioudmila couldn’t believe her eyes: hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks, and above all “men in black» enter the territory of the station.

At 4 a.m. the Russian army began its invasion of Ukraine through the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Since the accident, access to this contaminated territory as large as Luxembourg has been restricted. Valentin Geïko, the department head, is at his post in the neighboring building. The teams must be relieved around 9 am. At 50 kilometers as the crow flies, in Slavoutych, a town created to accommodate the employees of the plant after the accident, nearly 700 of them…

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