IndiaHow about quarantine for those coming from foreign countries? Center revises...

How about quarantine for those coming from foreign countries? Center revises passenger guidelines


  • 10 days quarantine for those coming from the UK
  • 7 days for travelers to South Africa, Brazil and Europe
  • Union Ministry of Health revises guidelines

New Delhi: The Union Ministry of Health has revised the guidelines for international travelers. Compulsory quarantine has been introduced for people from the UK, Europe, Brazil and South Africa. State Health Minister Veena George said she had received a notification from the Union Health Ministry in this regard.

A 10-day quarantine was made mandatory for those coming from the UK. Passengers from South Africa, Brazil and Europe require a 7-day mandatory quarantine. All international passengers are required to undergo RTPCR inspection upon arrival at the airport.

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If the RTPCR test from the airport of those coming from the rest of the country is negative, 14 days of self-monitoring is required. Health Minister Veena George said those with any symptoms should undergo an RTPCR test immediately.

In addition, samples from the UK, South Africa, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand and Zimbabwe will be sent for testing for genetically modified viruses.

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India has also introduced compulsory quarantine for British citizens following Britain’s earlier move to make quarantine compulsory for Indian citizens. The Central Government has made it mandatory for all British nationals arriving in India from Monday to enter the quarantine, even though they hold a certificate of adoption of the Covid-19 immunization vaccine.

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Although they have received two doses of the vaccine from the UK, Covid should be tested before returning to India. The central government has also directed the RTPCR to conduct an inspection after arriving at the airport. Although the Covshield vaccine is approved, the UK imposes a mandatory quarantine on people from India, stating that the vaccine certificate in India is not credible.

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