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Home automation, from Amazon the new Echo Show 15, Eero Pro 6 and Blink Video Doorbell

Amazon announced three new smart home products at an international event: they are Echo Show 15, Eero Pro 6 And Blink Video Doorbell. The first is the latest addition to the Echo Show family and is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, 15.6-inch screen that supports 1080p Full Hd playback and can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf, in landscape orientation or vertical. Echo Show 15 is equipped with the next generation processor Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge, of a Home screen redesigned with more customization options, new visual ID-based features and new Alexa experiences.

Eero Pro 6 is the new mesh system equipped with the Wi-Fi 6 standard to support faster speeds and better coverage for all devices connected at the same time, compared to the previous Wi-Fi 5. Plus, thanks to the integrated Zigbee hub for the smart home, the Eero Pro 6 connects compatible devices on the network so you don’t have to buy a separate Zigbee hub.

Finally, Blink Video Doorbell is the first Blink video intercom, it can be installed with or without cables and offers the possibility of up to two years of battery life. It ensures HD 1080p video day and night, two-way audio, notifications from the doorbell directly on the app and the ability to connect and ring even the doorbell already present in the house.