TechnologyHogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter's open world will be unveiled on March 17th

Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter’s open world will be unveiled on March 17th

Warner Bros Interactive finally comes back to talk about Hogwarts Legacythe open world video game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter which has been postponed several times. A new State of Play will be broadcast online on YouTube and Twitch on March 17 at 10pm Italian time which will show 20 minutes of gameplay from the game on PlayStation 5, and presumably a release date as well. The title was first announced in 2020 as an RPG set in Hogwarts in 1800, due out in 2021 on next-generation consoles. It was later postponed to 2022, but without a specific date. In March of this year, lead game designer at Avalanche Software, Troy Leavitt, resigned for being at the center of a scandal after some statements about sexism in the video game industry. Warner and Avalanche come back to talk about Hogwarts Legacy for the first time since then, for a highly anticipated game as it has been a long time since we have not seen triple A dedicated to the world of Harry Potter.