IndiaHijab Hearing: South Africa, Turkey again the example of Rudraksh, read the...

Hijab Hearing: South Africa, Turkey again the example of Rudraksh, read the arguments of lawyer Kamat in favor of Hijab

Bangalore: Advocate Devdutt Kamat, who is fighting on behalf of the girl students in the Hijab controversy, gave the example of Rudraksha and different cases of many countries in the Karnataka High Court on Tuesday. He said in his argument that the hijab gives a sense of security, not a religious identity. For this, giving the example of Rudraksh, he said that even lawyers and judges come to the court wearing such things, the hijab is also like this. The next hearing in the matter will be held again on Wednesday, February 16.

‘I used to wear Rudraksha when I was in school and college’
Advocate Devdutt Kamat on Tuesday gave several arguments in favor of hijab for girl students. He talked about many matters in South Africa and Canada. Later he said that when I was in school and college, I used to wear Rudraksh. It was not meant to show my religious identity. It was an exercise of faith because it gave me security. We also see many judges and senior lawyers wearing things. To counter this, if someone wears a shawl you have to show whether it is merely a display of religious identity or something. If it is approved by Hinduism our Vedas or Upanishads then the court is bound to protect it.

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Example of a nose pin case from South Africa
Kamat referred to the 2004 Sunali Pillay vs Durban Girls High School case in South Africa. Where the school did not allow girls to wear a nose ring. The school’s argument was that it was against the school’s code of conduct. Earlier, Devdutt Kamat had said that the hearing should be held after March, as an attempt is being made to take advantage of this hijab controversy in the elections. On this the bench said that this is a matter related to the Election Commission, not related to us.

‘Our constitution is not like Turkish secularism’
Kamat further said that I am not saying on behalf of these girls that they can ignore the ‘same rule’. But the question is whether some people should be exempted from the rigors of dress. I’m on it I maintain that the petitioner girl students did not start wearing head dupatta overnight but were wearing it since taking admission. They are always worn. Suddenly a government order was issued. Our constitution follows positive secularism, not like Turkish secularism, that is negative secularism. Our secularism ensures that the religious rights of all are protected. This order actually suspends the fundamental rights. Please do not continue with this interim order.

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misuse of court orders
Advocate Mohammad Tahir said that the order passed by the court is being misused by the state. Muslim girls are forced to remove their hijab. Government officials in Gulbarga went to an Urdu school and forced teachers and students to remove the hijab. The order is being misused by the authorities. I have presented all media reports. On this, the Chief Justice said that we will ask the respondents to get directions on this.


Devdutt Kamat is representing the girl students in the hijab case.