SportsHighlights Brazil 0-1 Argentina: Messi lifts the trophy with the national team...

Highlights Brazil 0-1 Argentina: Messi lifts the trophy with the national team for the first time

Messi won the Copa America with Argentina in 2021 after overcoming host country Brazil in the final with Di Maria’s only goal.

As soon as the opening whistle sounded, both Brazil and Argentina played cautiously and had many fierce disputes.

In the 22nd minute, De Paul made a long pass, Brazil’s left-back Lodi broke the ball and missed Di Maria’s foot and the PSG striker made a lob over the head of goalkeeper Ederson in the face-to-face situation, thereby opening the door. score for Argentina.

Di Maria’s goal

After taking the lead, Argentina prioritized counter-attacking defense. They did a great job in preventing Neymar and his teammates from getting on the ball.

Brazil played quite stalemate in the first half and statistically not much better than Argentina. They had to go into the break with a lead.

In the second half, coach Tite increased his firepower when he launched Firmino into the field. Brazil began to push the squad high, accepting risky play to find an equalizer. In the 52nd minute, Richardlison put the ball into the net of Argentina, but the goal was disallowed for offside.

Some time later, the game crumbled when the fouls took place continuously. Neither Neymar nor Messi can show much when being carefully cared for by defenders.

As a result, Argentina won 1-0 against Brazil in the final thanks to reasonable play. Messi finally has his first championship with the team.


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