India'Hey, Kovid is nothing', Putin carried on without stopping during the debate;...

‘Hey, Kovid is nothing’, Putin carried on without stopping during the debate; Russian President with explanation


  • Putin says he is under constant scrutiny
  • There are no health problems other than the common cold
  • Reply during discussion

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has finally come out with an explanation after he caused concern by not stopping during a TV show. Putin said he was not affected by Covid and that it was a cold. Concerns were raised when he saw the president coughing non-stop when his discussion with officials aired on TV.

He said during the video conference that he was OK and had nothing to worry about. “Don’t be afraid, I’m fine.” Putin said during a meeting with the Security Council. Putin said he was regularly tested to see if he was infected with Covid 19. It is also being tested for infections other than Covid. But Putin has made it clear that there is nothing wrong with that.

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The cough erupted during Putin’s talks with officials to discuss issues related to the agricultural sector. He was often seen coughing during the discussion and during the TV broadcast. While coughing is one of Covid’s main symptoms, many have questioned Putin’s health. It was in this context that during the ensuing discussion, the Speaker of the Russian Upper House, Valentina Matvienko, asked the President about this. “Everyone is worried,” Valentina said.

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But the Russian president replied that there was nothing wrong and that the problem was due to the cold. “I went out and walked for a while in the cold wind. But no big problem.” Putin told security officials. “I know you’ve been vaccinated. No one should forget to get vaccinated again.” Putin said. He was speaking at a time when Covid is distributing 19 booster doses in Russia.

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Covid confirmed last month to several employees who had previously worked with the president. Putin, 69, has been under observation for several days. But after this, he started attending public events through video conferencing as usual. Russia, meanwhile, is worried about another 19 cases of Covid in the country. Covid cases are on the rise again in Russia after a long hiatus.

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