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Hell Planet: Ionized calcium found on the planet ‘Hell’, so hot that even a human being can make iron even steam

Astronomers have identified ionized calcium on the planet Hell, orbiting a star far away from Earth. This planet is so hot that even iron here melts immediately. The surface temperature of this planet named Wasp-76b reaches more than 2400 degrees centigrade. This temperature is so high that a person will immediately turn into steam. Winds containing toxic gases also blow on this planet at a speed of 10000 kilometers per hour.

Ionized calcium found in planet’s atmosphere
Scientists have recently detected ionized calcium in the upper atmosphere of the planet Wasp-76b. The identification of an electrically charged element could reveal many secrets to the planet’s extraordinary weather. “We’re seeing a lot of calcium,” said lead author Emily Dibert, a doctoral student at the University of Toronto. This is indeed a great discovery.

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This planet is 640 light years away from Earth
The spectral signature of ionized calcium may indicate that this exoplanet has very strong upper atmosphere winds. This also suggests that the atmospheric temperature on this exoplanet is much higher than we previously thought. This planet is located 640 light years away from Earth in the direction of the constellation of Pisces. This fiercely hot planet has fascinated astronomers since its discovery five years ago.

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molten iron rain
Scientists claim that it rains molten iron on this planet. An international team, including Queen’s University Belfast, has conducted the most thorough research ever on this planet. They have analyzed data from the Gemini North Telescope located on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. On the basis of this, he told that ionized calcium has been identified in the atmosphere of this planet.

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Temperature is 2400 °C
The day temperature on this Wasp-76b planet goes above 350 degrees Fahrenheit (2,400 degrees Celsius). This temperature is sufficient to vaporize many metals such as iron. During the night, they fall on the surface of the planet at the speed of the last iron bullet. This planet is also known as Hot Jupiter.


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