WorldHeatwave in US: About 200 dead; Scientists like to deal with...

Heatwave in US: About 200 dead; Scientists like to deal with disasters

Own report: Heatstroke deaths are on the rise in America. The total number is around 200. The news was reported by the authorities of the health department of that country.

The heatwave killed at least 116 people in Oregon and six in Washington. Najehal America (US) in this heat wave that occurs in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

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It has been said that all these storms, floods or wildfires are happening due to this dramatic change in climate. Those who can’t use fans or air conditioners in their daily lives are the ones who have died this summer.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown says all sorts of measures are being taken to combat the rising tide. He has analyzed the country’s climate, showing that the Pacific north-west region has been the victim of various climate changes for a long time. And the heat is rising. Even at night the heat is not diminishing.

Concerned quarters say the death toll from the heatwave in Canada is around 500. However, scientists have shown that not only humans, but also many animals have died in this intense heat. The meteorologists say that in the current situation, the people of the region have to accept that such natural contradictions will continue to happen here. You have to adapt to it.

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