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Heartbreaking this defeat; The Blasters shed tears in the third final as well

Hyderabad FC wins eighth season Indian Super League title Hyderabad clinched their maiden ISL title by defeating the mighty Kerala Blasters in a thrilling penalty shootout. In the 68th minute of the match, Sahil Tavora scored the equalizer for Hyderabad. Hyderabad won the match 3-1 as the match continued into a draw in regulation time and 30 minutes. Hyderabad’s hero is Hyderabad goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani who saved three kicks for Kerala in the shootout.

Ivan Vukomanovic’s Blasters came up with two changes from the team that played in the second quarter semi – final against Jamshedpur. Injured Sahal Abdul Samad was also ruled out of the final. Sahal was replaced by another KP player, Rahul Rahul. Jackson Singh replaced the AYUSH officer in the middle order. On defense, Marco Leskovic, Harmanjatr Khabra and Ruiva Hormipam continued. Putia, Jackson and Rahul with captain Adrian Luna in midfield. Alvaro Vazquez and Jorge Diaz as usual to score. Prabhusukhan Gill remained under the goal. In the Hyderabad line-up, Ashish Rai, Aakash Mishra, Chinglensana Singh and Yuvanan were on the defensive. Joe Victor and Emperor Sauvik played down the midfield and defense. Yasir Mohammad, Aniket Jadhav and Joel Chianese. And the strength of Bartholomew Ogbache on the move. Laxmikant Kattimani as the goalkeeper.

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The game started with the Blasters’ moves. Leskovic’s long pass to Luna in the first minute. By the time Vazquez and Dias ran away, the Hyderabad defense had knocked the ball over. In the 11th minute, Sauvik Chakraborty threw the ball into the Blasters’ net but Prabhu Sukhan Gill easily got his hands on it. Hyderabad were trying to dominate the middle order. But the move backfired when Pujia and Jackson Singh were cautious. The Blasters defense blocked the delivery of the ball to Ogbeche on the move. The Blasters, who moved cautiously, focused on counter-attacks. In the 18th minute Luna gave the ball to the box but there was no one to catch it. There was another stretch in the 21st minute. Rahul was sent off by Vazquez. But missed the target. The Blasters did not stop the attack. In the 30th minute, Luna’s goal was deflected by Kattimani. The Blasters dominated the ball for the first half. Sixty-seven percent of the ball was in the Blasters’ feet.

Hyderabad made a change in the 38th minute. Javier Civero came on to replace Chianese, who suffered a hamstring injury. The Blasters’ brilliant move in the 39th minute. Vazquez hit the ball from the right side, which stretched the grave out of the box. The subwoofer slammed into the crossbar. Wasks gave the ball back to Rahul but missed. The Blasters filled the game with first-rate moves. George Diaz and Vazquez were constantly advancing. Hyderabad got their first chance before the end of the first half. To the Severo waiting in Yasir Mohammed’s freekick box. Header Prabhusukhan, who seemed to be climbing the net, blocked his chest.

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The game started with the Blasters’ corner in the second half. Later, Hyderabad’s Aniket Jadhav’s solo move created fear, but Vazquez and Prabhu Sukhan came to the rescue. In the 48th minute, Prabhu Sukhan smashed Joo Victor’s long range. In the 55th minute, Ogbache’s shot flew over the net. The Blasters’ defense did not falter in the continuous attacks of Hyderabad. Hormipam and Leskovic cleverly blocked. In the 62nd minute, Ogbachey’s shot went wide of the post. The Blasters did not waver in their attacks on Hyderabad.

The Blasters’ dream came true in the 68th minute. Rahul advanced with the ball extended by Jackson Singh from the defense. Rahul fired a shot from 25 yards out, easily cutting through the defenders. Hyderabad goalie Kattimani miscalculated. The ball slipped from his hand. In the 76th minute, Hyderabad got a chance to catch up. But Prabhusukhan saved Ogbeche’s free kick. In the 82nd minute, Vukomanovic replaced defender Nishukumar with Rahul. After this, Vazquez tried to take the lead but could not. Luna won a free kick in the 85th minute. In front of Leskovic, he throws the ball out of the blocker’s hand. But the defender could not stop the ball from coming. Hyderabad came together in the 88th minute. Sahil reached Tavora’s long range goal. The match went into extra time as both teams drew at the end of regulation time.

The Blasters came on in extra time, replacing George Diaz with Chencho. Most of the time it was with the signature. In the 98th minute, the AYUSH officer came to pull out the puttia. The Blasters had another chance in the 102nd minute. Luna’s corner was hit on the head by Jackson Singh. The ball bounced off the crossbar. In the 110th minute, Leskovic blocked Ogbache’s goal. The Blasters made another change in the 111th minute. Vazquez was replaced by Vince Barreto. The game moved to a shootout with the score equalized in overtime.

In the shootout, Leskovic, Nishu Kumar and Jackson Singh kicked Kattimani. The AYUSH official was the only target for the Blasters. In the Hyderabad line-up, Joyo Victor, Casa Kamara and Halicharan Nursery netted. Only Severok was at fault.