WorldHeart-stopping with the effort of walking 2 km on a rope at...

Heart-stopping with the effort of walking 2 km on a rope at an altitude of 600 m to set a world record

The group had to walk on ropes that spanned the 2,150 meter width of a valley, 600 meters above the ground.

The event took place in Lapporten, Sweden.

QUIRIN HERTERICH, from Germany, said: “When I got close to the finish line, I screamed really loudly. I really don’t know why. Maybe it was a mixture of emotions.”

Four German players wear GPS tracking devices to measure and verify their feats.

DAVID SJOSTROM, the project organizer, shared: “This is very difficult because it is open-air, 600 meters high and more than 2,150 meters long, sometimes the wind is very strong. Getting people here to organize (walking the rope) has been a big challenge.”


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