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Health, experts: ” Pregnant women at Christmas get their fill of vitamin B12 ”

A balanced diet together with constant physical activity are the basis of a healthy life. This is especially true in pregnancy, when a woman’s lifestyle may or may not positively influence the child’s well-being. Experts suggest pregnant women, in fact, not to stop – and indeed to start – physical activity as long as it is designed specifically for this delicate period, and take advantage of the holidays to fill up with vitamin B12, the so-called ‘good vitamin’. Involved in numerous metabolic processes, vitamin B12 is among those essential for our health: it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and to the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Furthermore, studies by researchers from the Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences (NIHS), the Nestlé Research Center (NRC) in Singapore and the National University of Singapore seem to indicate that a deficiency in this vitamin can negatively affect the natural aging process.

This ‘good vitamin’ cannot be synthesized by the human body and must therefore necessarily be absorbed from food. For example, from milk, a precious drink among the ‘key’ foods of the Mediterranean diet which is one of the main reservoirs of vitamin B12 together with fish, eggs and meat. However, according to data from the Nestlé Observatory, not everyone consumes these foods as recommended by the INRAN guidelines. In fact, only 39% of Italians drink milk every day of the week and only 17% of women have increased their consumption in the last year. Furthermore, only 33% eat fish 2 to 4 times a week while in particular 30% of women in the last year have increased their consumption.

“Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin in the processes of formation of red blood cells and for the cells of the nervous system”, says Dr. Giuseppe Fatati, President of the Nestlé Observatory. “For all these reasons, foods rich in vitamin B12 are important at all ages and especially for pregnant women”. And it is precisely for pregnant women that constant physical activity is recommended, which affects not only female well-being but also that of the child. It is important in these days of ‘detachment’ to give oneself the goal of toning and strengthening the body, activating the circulation and the cardio-vascular system, while evaluating with particular attention the type of activity to be followed.

An ad hoc training must therefore be specifically designed to follow the woman in this delicate phase, such as the series of FIT MOM workouts, created by Virgin Active, which can be followed on the new platform. The Series accompanies expectant mothers until the end of gestation and after childbirth, with a path divided into 5 seasons. The goal of the Fit Mom “series is also to activate the Core, the deep muscles that support the back and wrap the belly and, last but not least, gaining awareness, relieving tension and preparing the woman to welcome the baby “. “The course alternates functional training with yoga, useful in this case to distance thoughts and connect us serenely with the child” comments Live Trainer Valentina Ratti, protagonist of the series. “And obviously the child also benefits from all this. Just think of the beneficial effect of calming breathing, quieting thoughts, relaxing and having fun “.