WorldHead of Communications Altun: Most of the information spread on social communication...

Head of Communications Altun: Most of the information spread on social communication platforms is fake news

Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun, in a statement on Twitter, stated that the fight against the forest fires that affected Turkey continues by mobilizing all the means of the state.

“122 of 129 fires in 35 provinces have been taken under control. Our Turkey is strong.” Using the expression Altun said:

“Every well-intentioned aid and contribution is a requirement of our national unity. However, as of this evening, the so-called aid campaign organized from abroad and from a single center was launched with ideological motives, with the aim of showing our state incapable and weakening our state-nation unity. Our Turkey is strong. Our state is standing tall. As our President said. We will make up for all our losses, except for the lives we lost, and extinguish this fire that burns us. Most of the information that is currently being spread on social communication platforms, instant messaging groups, and forums is fake news. Today, even in the event of such a natural disaster, let’s not fall into the trap of those who spread such lies. Please do not respond to the statements of official authorities. Let’s trust.”

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