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He welded with President Erdoğan in his profession, which they said ‘You can’t do’

Melek Tuğ, who has been a welder for 3 years, drew attention at the opening held by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) 2nd Organized Industrial Zone.

A “special protocol” was applied by the Presidency at the opening ceremony. Welder Tuğ was among the names that greeted President Erdoğan at the MİTAŞ Factory, where the ceremony was held, and sat just to the left of Erdoğan throughout the ceremony.

Welding together with President Erdoğan, Tuğ stood next to the President during the ribbon cutting at the opening of 26 new factories.

Melek Tuğ received applause from Erdoğan with her speech at the ceremony. Melek Tuğ, who is an argon, gas metal, oxygen and electrode welder, was often interrupted by applause.

In her speech, Tuğ stated that she went to a welding course after natural gas and heating flooring and that there were people who said to her, “You can’t do it alone, you can’t,” and said, “I am here as a female welder who has completed her third year.” said.


Referring to President Erdoğan’s words, “Stopping is the way forward,” Melek Tuğ said, “We don’t stop either. I have more goals. It is a great feeling to produce something, to be a part of the industry, to be able to achieve this as a woman.” he said.

“Trust the Turkish woman”

Reminding that the 111-meter flagpole on Çamlıca Hill was produced at the MİTAŞ Factory where he worked, Tuğ said, “Mr. President, you also inaugurated it. We are proud every time we see it. We believe that every place a woman’s hand touches shines.” used the phrases.


Noting that the foundation of the OIZ was laid by President Erdoğan, Tuğ said, “Hundreds of women like me work here in dozens of factories today. Please continue to trust Turkish women, their strength and labor. We will never disgrace you.” said.

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