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He protested IMM by leaving a dead dog wrapped in cloth in front of the city hall.

According to the information received, animal lover Gürkan Gazoğlu brought the dog, which he said was released to the street after the neutering process on the side of the highway, with burst stitches and died, before the İBB after he died.

Gazoğlu, who wrapped the corpse of the dog he held responsible for his death in a cloth and left it in front of the municipality, then left the scene.

Gazoğlu came to Beyazıt Police Station and gave a statement due to the criminal complaint made by İBB officials in the evening.

On the other hand, IMM security officials reacted to two journalists who wanted to cover the incident in front of the city hall in Saraçhane and called the police.

The perished dog was picked up by the municipality teams and handed over to the Veterinary Services Directorate.

One of the journalists, Bulut Yamandag, stated that while he wanted to report the incident on social media, he threatened him by taking pictures of the municipal teams and blocking his path.

IMM officials, on the other hand, argued that what happened was a conspiracy, and stated that a criminal complaint was filed against Gazoğlu.

Speaking to AA correspondent, Gürkan Gazoğlu stated that he has been taking care of dogs for 2 years and said that they feed and help stray animals with the platform called “Never Without Animals”, which is supported by many famous names.

Stating that he found the dog on the way to Balaban 3 days ago, Gazoğlu said, “IMM teams collect small dogs to spay them, shoot their earrings before the seams boil, take the animals out of the shelter and leave them in the forests and on the roadsides. These animals can get infected and get sick and die. When other dogs eat the dead dog, they are all killed. “The disease spreads. The health of people who go on a picnic to the forests is also endangered.” he said.

Explaining that he lives in Eyüpsultan Göktürk and takes care of 30 dogs in his home, Gazoğlu said that many of these dogs were tagged by the İBB and discarded after the sterilization operation.

“They said they would fix it but nothing changed”

Stating that he took the stitched animals into his home and adopted them during the treatment process, Gazoğlu said:

“I couldn’t put animals to death on sight, but they do. It’s a pity, it’s a sin. I have warned about this situation many times and shared it on social media. I also said this to Ekrem İmamoğlu, whom I met about 2 years ago. I said, ‘These animals attack animals and people, fix it’ “They said they would fix it, but nothing changed. These animals should stay in shelters until their wounds heal and mixed vaccinations are done. They are castrated in IMM Kisirkaya Shelter. These animals are infected because the environment in the shelter is not healthy. There are herds of dogs in the villages. Everyone blames each other, but the real culprit is IMM Veterinary Services.” is.”

Stating that he also filed a criminal complaint against the İBB and those responsible after the procedures at the police station, Gazoğlu stated that he went to Beyazıt Police Station, that a report was taken and legal action was taken, and that he was released on the order of the prosecutor’s office.

“I am an animal lover citizen”

Gazoğlu also reacted to the allegations made about him, saying, “I am a left-wing, republican person. But today I have become the man of the AK Party, the President of the Republic. I have become a terrorist and a provocateur. I am an animal-loving citizen. I see blood every day, my head is devastated. “I am carrying a sick dog and I left the municipality in order not to put people at risk. They are responsible according to the law. If this is not intervened, animals will continue to die and people will continue to suffer.” used his statements.

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