IndiaHC knowledge on cow, what does science say, only faith or really...

HC knowledge on cow, what does science say, only faith or really a gift of God!

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These days the Allahabad High Court is in the headlines. The reason for this is his comment on cows while giving a verdict in a case related to cow slaughter. The court has asked to declare the cow as the national animal. He has described the cow as the only animal that takes in and releases oxygen. In this 12-page order, many popular things related to cows have been made. Modern science does not recognize them. Well, after the court’s order, the discussion on the cow has gained momentum again.

What did the court say?
The Allahabad High Court, during the hearing of a bail plea on Wednesday, mentioned several things in the context of cows. A bench of Justice Shekhar Yadav made these observations while rejecting the bail plea of ​​Javed, an accused of cow slaughter. The court said that cow protection should be made a fundamental right of Hindus. The court said that the cow is useful even when it becomes old and sick. Its dung and urine are very useful in farming, making medicines. People worship cow as a mother. During this, the court also told that protecting and promoting cow is not related to any religion. Cow is the culture of India and it is the duty of every citizen living in the country to protect the culture, irrespective of their religion. Even Muslims understood the importance of cow in Indian culture during their rule. In its order, the court, referring to Panchagavya, said that it is used in the treatment of many incurable diseases. It is made from milk, ghee, cow urine and cow dung. The court also pointed out that the cow is the only animal that takes in and gives off oxygen.

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Only cows don’t give out oxygen
Many of the things the bench said on cows do not have solid scientific evidence. Science considers these as ‘beliefs’ i.e. hypotheses. Let’s take the oxygen thing only. A detailed article is available on BBC regarding this. It has been told in this article that the air we breathe while breathing contains nitrogen and oxygen, along with small amounts of carbon dioxide and other gases. It has an oxygen ratio of 21%. At the same time, the proportion of oxygen in the exhaled breath decreases to 16 percent. While exhaling, we take in 0.04 percent carbon dioxide and 79% nitrogen. At the same time, the proportion of carbon dioxide remains at 4 percent and nitrogen at 79 percent. So it is not the only cow that takes in and gives off oxygen.

‘Cow should be declared as national animal…’ remarks of Allahabad High Court while rejecting bail application of cow slaughter accused
Many ministers have been doing this thing
In the last several years, many ministers have been telling the matter of taking and leaving oxygen of the cow as a miracle. In 2017, Vasudev Devnani, the then Education and Panchayati Raj Minister of Rajasthan, had also said the same thing that the cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen. He also told the people the need to understand the scientific importance of cow. Then in 2019, the then Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Rawat also claimed that there is only cow which gives oxygen instead of carbon dioxide.

Scientists tell ‘myth’
In the last few years, many such research papers have been published in which clarification has been given on the statements made about cow urine, cow dung and other things. Experts say that ministers and religious leaders also make tall claims about cow urine and cow dung. Even in the treatment of corona, cancer and TB, they have been claimed to be helpful. But, there is no scientific proof of this. Science examines prevailing beliefs. Weighs them on scientific criteria. Only when they meet again and again are they adopted. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur had recently created a ruckus by making a similar claim. He claimed that cow urine cured his cancer. However, later there were reports that his cancer was not cured with cow urine but with surgery. Similarly, during the second wave for the treatment of corona, pictures of people bathing with cow dung became very viral. But, Indian doctors had said that there is no scientific basis that cow dung is helpful in prevention from corona. Therefore, people should not take ‘dung bath’ thinking that they will beat Corona by this.

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Last year also the government had tried
Last year, the Indian government called for an initiative to research the benefits of cow dung, urine, milk and other by-products from ‘Shuddh Desi Cows’. The program was spearheaded by the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST). It is the official ministry that leads the scientific research. However, scientists did not take interest in this. He believed that a lot of research has already been done in the field of diseases like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. Also, these diseases are not mentioned anywhere in the Vedic texts. There is also no concrete evidence that these products actually cure these diseases.

science has also eaten
However, science has also been gutted on several occasions. This thing was seen many times during the Corona period. Something was said before and after. The prestigious medical journal ‘Annals of Internal Medicine’ retracts from a paper published here in April 2020. It was emphasized that face masks are not effective in preventing the spread of corona. No one knows how many people may have been infected by this misinformation. Similar claims were also made about ivermectin that this drug prevents corona deaths by more than 90 percent. However, this claim was later withdrawn. In such a situation, it can be said that even science is not the ultimate truth. Search is a subject that continues unabated.