Have you ever seen such a samosa, which has a serial number,...

Have you ever seen such a samosa, which has a serial number, the photo is going viral

Everyone in this country likes samosa. Whether it is from UP or Bihar, everyone definitely wants to taste samosas with sour-sweet chutney. Be it the office samosa party or the breakfast of the guests at home, samosas are available everywhere. No matter how much samosa one eats, there is a desire to eat it more. A picture is going viral very fast on social media, that picture is related to Samosa itself.

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look at this picture first

Have you ever seen such a samosa which has a serial number? No, this will be your answer too, this answer is mine and this is the answer to all those samosa lovers. Because before this we had never seen serial numbers in samosas.

what is the matter

Two samosas are seen in this picture. The specialty of these samosas is that serial numbers are attached to it. This photo is going viral as soon as it is posted on social media. Many users are wondering what is the matter?


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