Have you ever seen such a Flying Cat, it hunts by flying...

Have you ever seen such a Flying Cat, it hunts by flying in the air

You will be surprised to see the amazing performance of goalkeeper CAT, see VIDEO

Weird videos of animals are seen a lot on social media, some of them are very cute, while some surprise them. One such video is being seen on the internet these days, which will surprise you as well as surprise you. You have probably never seen such a leaping cat before. You will be surprised to see this cat aiming in the air.

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In the video you can see how this cat is first moving comfortably in the room and after that the ball is seen rolling on the floor, it seems that its attention is on the things placed on the floor, but as soon as it is floating in the air He sees something, in a moment, the cat is seen flying in the air with a forceful leap backwards and on seeing it grabs its prey in the jaw. The cat does not miss its target, as soon as that thing falls down, it seems to pounce towards it. This cat jump is really commendable.

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So far, more than 70 thousand views have come on this video on Twitter. At the same time, people are also giving amazing reactions to this surprising act of the cat. One user wrote, ‘That cat will be an amazing goalkeeper.’ At the same time, another user wrote, ‘Perfect athlete’. Let us tell you that even before this, a video of a cat was becoming very viral, in which she was seen kicking the football.

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