India'Have suffered by taking Delta lightly, can't fault Omicron', understand the meaning...

‘Have suffered by taking Delta lightly, can’t fault Omicron’, understand the meaning of WHO and experts

New Delhi
The new Covid-19 variant named Omicron is spreading very fast all over the world. Experts predict that it will be the most common variant in a few weeks. So far, the delta variant of the virus has infected the maximum number of people. The Delta variant was identified on December 20 last year. A few months later, from April 2021, India witnessed a second wave of delta-induced Pandemics. Millions of deaths were recorded in the US, Indonesia and several countries in Europe.

Omicron is spreading many times faster than Delta. Preliminary estimates suggest that it gives less severe disease to people with immunity, but the risk is as high as the delta. The first death from Omicron has been confirmed. The world has seen a horrific period of death due to delta variants. Care must be taken to avoid Omicron showing us the same helpless time again.

Omicron spreading rapidly in India

State/UT Omicron Cases
Maharashtra 20
Rajasthan 13
Gujarat 4
Karnataka 3
Delhi 6
Kerala 1
Andhra Pradesh 1
Chandigarh 1
Total 49

After the first death from Omicron in the UK, will the booster dose be saved?
Omicron will overtake Delta: WHO
The World Health Organization (WHO) has given a technical brief to the member countries for the first time on Omicron. According to the WHO, the Omicron will soon overtake the Delta to become the world’s leading variant. The WHO said that Omicron can be identified from the tests currently available and the same treatment methods will be effective for its patients. However, according to the WHO, there is not enough data to know why Omicron is spreading so fast in high immunity areas.

Trouble if Omicron beats Delta
In most developed countries of the world, the vaccine program is either coming to an end or more than 60% has been covered. Developing countries like India have also given both doses to half the adult population. The challenge is that research so far says that Omicron is passing the infection on to people who have been vaccinated or who have been infected before. That is, people with low immunity are at risk of serious disease. From the above, how this variant will affect the children, it is not yet clear.

In South Africa, where this variant was first sequenced, children have also been infected by Omicron. Experts are also warning because not much data is available about this variant yet. In such a situation, it would be better to prepare for the worst of the situation.

Omicron explosion can happen suddenly
Omicron has reached out to Africa, Asia, Europe, America. The experience of the Delta variant shows that it started wreaking havoc about five months after it was first sequenced in December. If the same trend is seen with Omicron as well, then the next three-four months may see an explosion of cases. Omicron has infected people in areas with high immunity, which is a worrying development.

booster dose is required
Even though vaccinated people are not at risk of serious illness, they can infect non-vaccinated people. In such a situation, if someone’s immunity is weakened, then his life can be in danger. The first death from Omicron has been confirmed in the UK.