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Harry Kane’s Houdini Moment

With the imminence of the final of the Eurocup, England looked in its collection for a clear symbol of victory. There was still Geoff Hurst, who is 79 years old and 55 ago, in the only final of a great tournament they have played, he scored three goals at Wembley, one of which did not cross the goal line of Germany. On Friday they put a replica of that day’s red jersey on him and rode him on the London Eye. When their cabin reached the highest point, they stopped the ride. Hurst then climbed a ladder, tucked a leather ball under one arm, and waved from the roof to a cameraman who was circling in a helicopter. A performance for videographic posterity, the only one capable of seeing him in that trance. For any pedestrian, the football legend was a red dot on top of a Ferris wheel.

England has not produced as many figures of Hurst’s profile. Many of those who approached him carry the stigma of self-destruction or the almost curse but not when they approached glory. Harry Kane has been stuck at that point with Tottenham, which is why he ended the season by announcing that he wanted to move to a place where he could be eligible to win the great team trophies, which have resisted him at the club of his life. , with which he has a contract until 2024.

The 27-year-old England captain came to the Eurocup confident that the tournament would represent the ultimate showcase that would allow him to soften owner Daniel Levy into letting him out of Tottenham.

But when the championship got going, it did so in the opposite direction. In the first two games, against Croatia and Scotland, the top scorer (23 goals) and top assistant (14 assists) of the Premier failed to shoot even once between the three sticks and was the player who gave the fewest passes of his selection. Southgate took him off the field in both games before reaching the 90th minute, and left in public a series of musings about the forward’s difficulties to find spaces, or for his teammates to manage to create them for him.

Kane himself admitted that he was not at his most comfortable moment, but assured that his physical conditioning plan would have him ready for the key moments of the championship. The England captain had arrived at the European Championship exhausted physically and mentally, after a season in which Tottenham reached the last European position of the Premier in the final minutes of the closing day. Frustrated after a year in which he had lost another final, this one in the League Cup, against Manchester City. Again touching a trophy, as in 2019 the Champions League against Liverpool.

During the group stage, the Eurocup did not improve their prospects. No progress was seen in his intentions to leave Tottenham, while some teammates, such as Jadon Sancho, completed their transfers. And his reconnection to the team was delayed. Until the cliff of Germany came in the round of 16 and Kane finished relieving England with the second goal: a release. Then he scored two in the quarterfinals and another in a semifinal in which he was exhibited, and he is already just one goal away from finishing as the top scorer in a tournament that started in fits and starts. And he’s also just one step away from a glory like Hurst’s, which may quench his thirst for legend even if he can’t escape Tottenham.

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