EntertainmentHari Won angrily 'accused' Tran Thanh of 'beating his wife' while sleeping

Hari Won angrily ‘accused’ Tran Thanh of ‘beating his wife’ while sleeping

In the 3rd semi-final of “Child Super Talent”, Hari Won suddenly had a tense attitude towards a child contestant. Specifically, before the competition of the boy Hoang Long, Hari Won suddenly asked the question: “Do you know what you have done to her family?”. This unexpected question made Tran Thanh and Kha Nhu bewildered, not understanding what Hari Won was referring to. Tran Thanh’s wife continued: “From the day my family met Hoang Long, Uncle Tran Thanh naturally fell in love with Muay Thai. Done naturally go to practice. The technique looks good, but I don’t have the muscles like you.”

Tran Thanh shows off his Muay Thai performance

Hari Won’s revelation also clarifies the curiosity of many viewers when recently continuously seeing the image of Tran Thanh practicing martial arts on his personal page. Many comments also speculated that the male judge was practicing for his new movie.

However, Hari Won was extremely upset and said that Tran Thanh practiced martial arts in a dream, causing her to receive 2 very painful blows. Meanwhile, Tran Thanh was extremely surprised by the news that he had beaten his wife while sleeping. For details, please watch the video.


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