WorldHappy birthday to Fatih Terim, one of the famous names of the...

Happy birthday to Fatih Terim, one of the famous names of the football world

In the video published in the mobile application of the yellow-red club, video messages sent by famous technical men who previously worked or competed with Fatih Terim, due to Terim’s September 4 birthday, were included.

Terim’s student from Milan, coach Gennaro Gattuso, said: “Happy birthday with all my heart. Enjoy today. You are in my heart. Happy birthday with all my love. I love you. Goodbye great emperor.” he said.

Portuguese striker Nuno Gomes, striker for Terim’s Fiorentina, said: “I hope all is well. Sending lots of love. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Goodbye emperor.” used the phrases.

Benfica President Rui Costa, who played in Fiorentina and Milan, said in his message, “Grandpa… Happy birthday. I hope it will be a great day for you. You know, you are more than a coach to me, you are my friend for life. I am incredibly proud for that. My teacher and my friend, lots of love.” he said.

Luciano Spaletti, one of Italy’s successful coaches, said on television, “Today is the birthday of coaches number one.” They said. The emperor of coaches! I wanted to join the celebrations too. I’m sure the best ones are here. You are a friend. Happy birthday, Conqueror.” expressed an opinion.

Diego Simeone, the Argentine coach of Spain’s Atletico Madrid team, expressed the following in his message:

“Hello. Happy birthday. Sending you lots of love. I’ve always seen you reflect your character on your teams. I’m a fan of yours. Greetings, happy birthday, good luck.”

German coach Thomas Tuchel, who coaches England’s Chelsea team, said: “Happy birthday Fatih Terim. Best wishes from London. Congratulations. I hope you have a good day and see you soon.” he said.

Italy National Team Coach Roberto Mancini said: “Hello Fatih. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Good luck. ‘Grande’ goodbye.” said.

Famous Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho, who coaches Italy’s Roma team, said in his message:

“My dear friend Fatih, congratulations. Enjoy your birthday with your amazing family. It’s great to be able to celebrate your 48th birthday happily. Because no one will believe you’re 68. I wish you the most happiness and football is what you need to be happy. So what? Keep showing how big you are. You know you have a big fan and supporter in Rome.”

Famous French coach Arsene Wenger, in his message, said, “Hello Fatih. Happy birthday. I know you get a year younger every year. Be careful, if you go at this speed, you may have to go back to the field soon. Enjoy today. May you be surrounded by your family and friends. I hope it’s short. See you soon.” used the phrases.

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