SportsHandyman at Camp Nou and English poster

Handyman at Camp Nou and English poster

That 62-63 was Barça’s third season without HH, whose departure left the club in confusion. After two failures, Kubala, recently retired, took over as coach. Barça signed two Uruguayans, Cubilla and Silveira, the first of whom did little and the second nothing. The last vestiges of the great Barça de HH were retiring, or leaving the club. Evaristo went to Madrid, Eulogio Martínez to Elche. Only two forwards from that glorious time remained up front, Kocsis and Villaverde.

Kubala began the course losing the final of the Fairs Cup, dragged from the previous year, against Valencia. In the first round of the League he had five defeats. And the Red Star eliminated him from the new edition of the Fairs Cup. He suggested redoing his contract as a player and dressing again in short while remaining as a coach. Llaudet said no. That made him feel bad and he would end up signing for Espanyol, with a major scandal.

He was replaced by another old glory of the club, José Gonzalvo, Gonzalvo II for football. The second round began with a draw, at home against Athletic and in Seville against Betis. The third game had to receive Madrid, who was leading, while Barça was seventh. Although he had surprisingly lost in the first round of the European Cup against Anderlecht, he was first in the League, kept four of his sacred cows of the great era, Santamaría, Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento in good use, and had hit the mark with the hiring two young men, one from Galicia and the other from Navarre, Amancio and Félix Ruiz, who formed a good right wing for him. The coach was still Miguel Muñoz, who was in his fifth year, loaded with authority and respect.

The match, day 18 of the League, was played on January 27, 1963 after a curious controversy: Barça had raised the goals after the match on 13 against Athletic to give a strong review of the grass in which the lines were erased. Someone was malicious that it was intended to shrink the field, which produced a great dust cloud. Article 14 of the Competition Regulations prohibited that. Barça denied the intention, said that it had only been a test and on Thursday 24, a measurement with the new lines was made, before the press, with a notary and an architect, which gave 107.2×72 meters. The measurements from before.

The game was at eight o’clock in the evening, televised, refereed by Juan Gardeazábal (the best of the moment, and perhaps always, of our refereeing) and the teams formed like this:

Barcelona: Sadurní; Foncho, Garay, Eladio; Vergés, Gensana; Re, Villaverde, Kocsis, Fusté and Pereda.

Real Madrid: Vicente; Isidro, Santamaría, Married; Müller, Pachín; Amancio, Félix Ruiz, Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento.

Barça starts off spirited and puts Vicente in trouble, whose response was splendid. In 24 ‘, a Gento getaway is tripped in the area by Foncho. The penalty is transformed by Puskas at 0-1. Barça is not daunted and in the 34th minute he finally manages to beat Vicente through the Paraguayan Re: 1-1. But on the kickoff play, Puskas scores from a long shot with his right! in great failure of Sadurní, 1-2. Barça is stunned and collapses after the break when at 47 ′ Di Stéfano makes it 1-3. In 67 ′ Gento scores 1-4 and in 71 ′ Puskas scores 1-5. There are also two goals canceled by Madrid. It is a massacre.

Bernabéu, who always had accounts with Barça, did what he had never done after more glorious victories, such as the European Cup finals won, or the Intercontinental. He decided to solemnize that day by making a photo-poster (still in black and white) in the English style, with the forward sitting on a bench and the two goalkeepers (the substitute always traveled to league matches), the three defenders and the two midfielders. behind, standing. The photo, 66×52 centimeters in size, with the players’ signatures clearly visible on the chest, was served in a cardboard cartridge.

A spurious version was later made of the same photo. As the starting team changed during the course, passing Pachín to the position of Casado and leaving his to Zoco, it was remade with Zoco’s head instead of Casado’s. He sings a lot, because the stature of Zoco was much greater than that of the substituted. And also the positions were altered, which were taken into account at the time.

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