WorldHamas warns humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip is at explosive stage

Hamas warns humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip is at explosive stage

HamasBasim Naim, member of the international relations office of ‘s, Lynn Hastings, United Nations (UN) Palestine Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator, to Israel Gaza Strippublished a written statement calling for the reduction of restrictions on human and product passage in Turkey.

Naim, Hamas, Hastings’ disastrous Gaza humanitarian situationHe noted that he was watching his statement on the subject with interest.

Noting that the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is on its way to the stage of explosion, Naim said, “The escalation of the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip due to the blockade, especially after the latest attacks, and the reflections of this situation on economic, social and psychological life, and the dynamics that strongly push for a re-escalation and explosion. reveals it.” used the phrase.

Calling the countries of the world to put the necessary pressure on Israel to end the blockade on Gaza unconditionally and immediately, Naim pointed out that alternatives are dangerous and costly, and that peace and stability cannot be achieved unless the Palestinian people lead a free and dignified life.

Naim stressed that the Palestinian people will not agree to return to zero every time and negotiate their fundamental rights, which are guaranteed by international humanitarian law even in the event of war.

Hamas member Naim noted that Hastings openly refers to the dangerous repercussions of the continuation of Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

UN Secretary General Spokesperson Stephane Dujarric shared the information that Hastings visited Gaza on 8 July at the daily press conference he held at the UN headquarters yesterday.

“Hastings urges Israel to ease restrictions on the entry and exit of people and goods into Gaza with the goal of eventually removing them altogether,” Dujarric said. he had spoken.

Stating that since the conflict between Israel and Hamas that started on May 10, the product entry into Gaza has been limited to foodstuffs, medical supplies, fuel and some agricultural inputs, Sözcü noted that regular and predictable goods should be allowed to enter Gaza.

Emphasizing that 250,000 people still do not have access to mains water in Gaza, Dujarric said, “Only by completely removing debilitating quarantines can we hope to solve the humanitarian crisis sustainably and contribute to long-term stability.” shared his statement.

The attacks launched by Israel on the besieged Gaza Strip on 10 May lasted for 11 days and ended on 21 May in line with the ceasefire reached with Hamas. Since May 10, entry and exit from Gaza has been strictly limited.

Israel has continued its siege and embargo on Gaza, where more than 2 million Palestinians live, since Hamas won the elections in 2006.

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