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Haiti’s leadership crisis when the president was assassinated, his successor died of Covid-19

At dawn on July 7, Haitian President Jonevel Moise was assassinated by a group of commandos at his home. His wife was seriously injured and was transported to the US for treatment.
Haitian police chief Leon Charles said the country’s security forces fought fiercely with the suspects, shooting down four “mercenaries” and arresting two others.

Haitian President Moise speaks during the appointment ceremony of the independent advisory committee.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph temporarily took power and made direct statements to the people, as well as to the international community.
But according to CNN, quoting the president of the Haitian judges Jean Wilner Morin, with the current situation in Haiti, it is not known who will succeed the late president.
Specifically, according to the order in this country, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court will succeed the president when something goes wrong, but the person holding this position, Mr. René Sylvestre’, has just died of Covid-19.
Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph must be approved by parliament before he can officially succeed the president. However, because elections were not held, parliament is now dissolved, so constitutionally, Mr. Joseph cannot succeed either.

Haiti has a leadership crisis when the president is assassinated, his successor dies of Covid-19 - Photo 2

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph temporarily assumed the presidency.

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The president of the Haitian juries said there was a precedent in 2015 where the speaker of parliament became president. But now there is no parliament, so no one holds the position of president.

According to Mr. Morin, a third of the upper house is still in existence, so it is possible to consider the possibility that the leader of the senate Joseph Lambert is chosen. However, that is still a question mark.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Americas. Not only a political crisis, the country also often faces poverty and natural disasters. Recently, the unrest has increased with kidnappings for ransom.


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