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Guinea: former ruling party and its allies plead for the release of Alpha Condé

AA / Peter Kum

In Guinea, the former ruling party the Rainbow RPG and its allies pleaded, Wednesday, during a press conference held at the party’s national headquarters in Gbéssia, for the release of Alpha Condé, overthrown the September 5 by a coup d’état.

Amadou Damaro Camara, member of the political bureau who hosted the press briefing, noted that his party and its allies are counting on the “intelligence and lucidity” of the junta to obtain the release of the president of their party and former Guinean Head of State, Alpha Condé.

The rainbow RPG has stressed on its site that there will be no demonstrations to demand the release of Alpha Condé.

“Since September 5, we have not organized a meeting, we have not organized parades, we have not organized marches, we do not intend to do so. We are discussing, we have always advocated peace in the country ”, indicated to the media, Mr. Camara.

“We learned that he (Alpha Condé) is treated well, that he has his doctor, his cook and that he does his sport. We humbly ask the CNRD (National Committee for the Rally for Development) to release him so that he can be treated, ”he added.

Since the military coup that led to the arrest of Alpha Condé in his palace in Sékhoutouréya on September 5, the former Guinean president is still being held by the junta.

During his various trips to Guinea, the Ghanaian president, Nana Akufo-Addo, whose country holds the rotating presidency of ECOWAS, reiterated the demand for the release of the deposed president.

But the junta continues to refuse and assures that President Condé is “in good health” and properly taken care of.

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