WorldGuinea Conakry: coup attempt in progress

Guinea Conakry: coup attempt in progress

AA / Peter Kum

A coup attempt is said to be underway in Guinea-Conakry on Sunday, we learned from corroborating sources.

Heavy gunfire was, in fact, heard on Sunday morning in the Guinean capital Conakry and on the near-island of Kaloum, where the Presidential Palace sits, according to local media, which did not specify whether it was was a mutiny or an attempted coup.

A few hours later, the pan-African magazine “Jeune Afrique” confirmed the coup attempt, specifying that it was carried out by the “Groupement des forces Spéciales” (GPS), led by Lieutenant-Colonel Mamady Doumbouya.

The same source indicates that President Alpha Condé would be entrenched in the Presidential Palace in Kaloum, where his bodyguard is leading a resistance against the putschists.

“Since 8 am (local time), automatic weapon fire has been ringing in Kaloum, the business and administrative district and the headquarters of the presidential palace,” local media reported earlier, “Guinea News”.

The site “Guinea” had indicated for its part that its editorial staff had received “several calls” indicating “the persistence of heavy gunfire in the Guinean capital this Sunday morning”.

The newspaper noted that “the reasons for these shots which terrorize the population” are not known.

“All the streets have been deserted, while heavy gunfire continues. The soldiers, visibly unhappy, empty the magazines of their weapons, while the inhabitants of Kaloum remain holed up, terrorized and worried “, added” Guinea News “.

Access to the capital Conakry is now blocked and the airport closed according to information published by the site “”.

Guinean authorities have not yet communicated on this incident.

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