IndiaGuilty of smoking cannabis; Young man cutting off his own penis;...

Guilty of smoking cannabis; Young man cutting off his own penis; Outspoken ‘for the good of the community’

Dispur: A young man cut off his own penis while intoxicated with cannabis. The incident took place in Sonitpur district of Assam yesterday. News18 reported that Sahajul Ali had cut off his penis after pleading guilty to smoking cannabis. Friends said the man, a native of Dekar, was behaving as if he was mentally deranged. Apart from cannabis, he was also reported to have used other deadly drugs.

Sahajul Ali is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital. He says he will do similar things for ‘community good’ if his health improves. Ali Guwahati told the Times that his religion considers it a sin to smoke cannabis. He says he cut off his penis as if in repentance for the sin he had committed.

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“My religion does not allow me to smoke cannabis. After I used it, I was worried that something bad was going to happen to the community. I cut off my penis for the good of the community and to repent of my actions,” Ali said in an interview.

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Ali’s son told the media that he was mentally ill and had done such a strange thing out of fear of religion. His friend also responded that Ali had been behaving in this strange way for years.

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