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Guardian of the Iron Fortress of the Blasters, this Ruiwa is not so simple …

A. Thomas

In some ways, it is a zodiac sign that accompanies it. The presence of a player in the 2021-2022 season advancement of the Indian Super League super club Kerala Blasters is a zodiac sign. The presence of a 20-year-old center-back Ruiva hormipam from Manipur Somdal. If Hormമിs Blazers’s were in the playing XI, their opponents would not have been able to score in the open play. The Blasters goalie Prabhu Sukhan Singh Gill topped the list with four clean sheets at the Golden Glove Awards. This is the number of matches the Blasters have played so far this season.

The hormonal effect

Homi has played five matches so far in the ISL 2021 – 2022 season. The Blazers did not concede a goal in four of them. The clean sheet in these four matches is the reason for Prabhu Sukhan Singh’s Golden Glove award lead.

Center-back Hormipam Blasters made their debut in the starting XI this season against Mumbai City FC on December 19. It was also Hormi’s ISL debut. The Blazers won the match 3-0. Then, on December 22, against Chennai FC, Hormi was included in the starting XI by Blasters coach Ivan Vukomanovich. The result was a 3-0 victory for the Horns. The Blasters win two consecutive games with a clean sheet, The Hormy Effect.

Ruiva Hormipam was also in the starting XI on December 26 against Jamshedpur FC. The match ended in a 1 – 1 draw. Jamshedpur’s goal came in the 14th minute through a Greg Stuart freekick. Jamshedpur also failed to score in the open play.

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Occurred when Hormi was excluded

Vokomanovic knocked out the Blasters in the 2022 opening match against Goa FC on January 2. The match ended in a 2 – 2 draw. It was the Blasters’ only goal of the season after losing 4-2 to ATK Mohan Bagan in the opening game of the season.
It was a competition in which Vukomanovich recognized the hormonal effect. This is because Vukomanovic then put Hormie center-back in the matches against Hyderabad FC on January 9 and Odisha FC on January 12. The Blasters beat Hyderabad 1-0 and Odisha 2-0 in a match that underlined the hormonal effect.

Sipovich Out, Hormi In

The Blasters have not conceded a goal in just one game this season without Ruiva Hormipam, and it was a goalless draw against North East United in the second game of the season. Horm did not play for the Blasters in the ISL at the time. It was only after their debut against Hori that Hormi was left out of the starting XI.

The Blasters’ Bosnian center-back Ennes Sipovic’s place in the starting XI was shaken by Hormമ’s debut. In the first match of the season, the Blazers’ center backs were Bijoy Varghese from Kerala and Marco Leskovic from Croatia. Then in four matches it was Sipovic – Leskovic duo. With the match against Mumbai City, Hormi took over from Djokovic. So far this season, the Hormipam-Leskovic center-back duo have played five games. Zipovic and Leskovic have been the center-backs of the Blasters in the starting XI for four and Bijoy-Leskovic for two.

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Steel forts of the Blasters

Advance Happy Birthday

Hormipam is celebrating its 21st birthday on January 25th. Hormi joined Kerala Blasters on April 8, 2021 at the age of 20. The contract was for three years. The Blasters’ opening match was against the Indian Navy in the Durand Cup. He started his youth career with Hormi Minerva Punjab FC, which he has been following since his childhood. He also played on loan for the Indian Arrows.

He has played 446 minutes in five matches in the ISL so far this season. January Horms’ tally is 36 clearances, five blocks and 19 tackles. Hormipam comes from the village of Somdal, also known as Shongran in Manipur. This is the homeland of the Taghul Nagas. Hormipam, a member of a farming family, is the superhero of 468 families here.