World'Green transformation' enters OVP

‘Green transformation’ enters OVP

The Presidential Decision regarding the approval of the New Medium Term Program (MTP) covering the 2022-2024 period was published in the repeated issue of the Official Gazette.

Within the framework of the concept of sustainability, the fact that the impact of climate change is more severe all over the world in the MTP green economyEmphasizing that the transition process to the EU has increased its importance, it was pointed out that the weight of climate change in global economic policies has increased under the leadership of developed countries with approaches such as the European Green Agreement announced by the European Union (EU) at the end of 2019. It was emphasized in the MTP that this situation brought along the necessity of green transformation in industry and economy in accordance with the new policies to be implemented by countries, especially the EU, Turkey’s main export market. It was stated that it will be shaped by taking into account the targets and actions included in the Green Reconciliation Action Plan.

Accordingly, new approaches supporting the transition to green transformation and circular economy in the fields of industry, trade, transportation, environment and energy will be implemented within the framework of support and credit incentive mechanisms, taking into account foreign financing opportunities. By supporting investments that increase efficiency and limit the increase in greenhouse gas emissions, especially in recycling technologies, the competitiveness of exports in line with climate change policies in the field of international trade will be increased.

R&D studies will be supported for green transformation

In order to accelerate green transformation, R&D studies will be supported, and necessary technologies for green production will be developed and disseminated.

By completing the green industrial zone certification system with the Green OIZ, the creation of environmentally sensitive, sustainable industrial and circular economy areas will be accelerated.

The regulatory framework of the financial sector will be enhanced to facilitate the green transformation of the industry.

Zero waste practices will be expanded

Green bond and sukuk issuances will be encouraged by preparing a guide in line with international standards in order to finance environmentally sensitive investments.

In order to minimize the negative effects of global climate change, investments in environmentally friendly production that use energy and production resources efficiently will be supported.

Zero waste practices will be expanded to include households.

Measures will be taken to reduce the import of waste that is not needed in critical areas of production.

Minister Elvan: We will further strengthen macroeconomic stability for durable growth

Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Treasury and Finance, on his Twitter account, made evaluations about the OVP, which was published in the duplicate issue of the official newspaper.

Stating that the Medium Term Program, which includes the basic policies, principles, target and indicative economic magnitudes of the 2022-2024 period in the economy, was published today, Elvan said, “We will further strengthen the macroeconomic stability for a durable growth under the leadership of the private sector.” used the phrase.

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