WorldGreen Arabia: Fossils of hippopotamus from Arabian desert!

Green Arabia: Fossils of hippopotamus from Arabian desert!

Own report: Today the Arabian desert. But at one time it was not like that. At one time it rained well in Arabia. Much of Arabia was green at that time.

How did you find out?

According to a study on human migration, the Stone Age members of the primitive people migrated through Arabia. And then the landscape of Arabia was completely different.

That is – or how to know? According to the study, a part of the primitive people migrated between North Africa and Southwest Asia. One such place is Saudi’s ‘Khal Amoyshan 4’ site. Excavations at the site have uncovered a variety of stone objects. While excavating, fossils of hippopotamus have been found and fossils of other wild animals have also been found.

Where did the hippopotamus come from in such a rough region at that time? It was then that the environment of Arabia at that time became known. It turned out that the weather was very mild at that time. There were many rivers and water bodies in this area then. Scientists are obviously happy to come up with new information about the Arabian Peninsula while conducting research on human migration.

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