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Greece Turkey Tension: Greece doing maneuvers with Saudi-UAE and Egypt, did Arab countries stand against Turkey?

Greece has got the support of Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt in the frontline against Turkey. The special forces of these three countries are currently conducting maneuvers with the Greek army. The closeness of Saudi Arabia and the UAE with Greece is considered a major diplomatic change in Europe. Indeed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to declare himself as the biggest messiah of Muslims. Due to this, tensions are being seen in Turkey’s relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Saudi and UAE engaged in exercises with Greece
The armies of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Greece are conducting exercises near the Elifsina airbase, northwest of Athens. In this, the coordination between the armies of the four countries and the ability to fight the war together is being increased. The Saudi Defense Ministry has also issued a statement saying that the purpose of this exercise is to increase military cooperation between all countries, exchange training and experience, and improve the level of war preparedness to meet the challenges in the region.

Arab countries are angry with Turkey
This joint exercise is also important because tensions between Arab countries and Turkey have increased in recent times. Turkey has made a lot of efforts to improve its relations with these three countries, but to no avail. The Arab League issued a unilateral statement accusing Turkey of interfering in the region. After this, Erdogan also made several aggressive statements, due to which Turkey’s relations with Arab countries further deteriorated.

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Turkey’s dispute with Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Greece
Due to Erdogan’s relentless provocative statements, Saudi Arabia announced a boycott of Turkish goods. The UAE tried to surround the Turkish army in Syria. Not only this, Greece militarized the Aegean islands close to the Turkish coast. Egypt also attempted to thwart Turkish interests in the eastern Mediterranean. In such a situation, it is believed that due to the gathering of these countries once again, the tension of Turkey may increase.

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What is the dispute between Turkey and Greece
In fact, since last year, Turkish marine oil exploration ship Oruk Reis has been carrying out research activity near the Greek island of Kastelorizo. Greece claims that Turkish ships are operating in its waters. Whereas, Turkey has denied the claim of Greece and claimed that maritime part as its own. Turkey is adamant on pursuing off-shore drilling in the area, while France has made it clear that Turkey will not remain a mute spectator if it starts any such activity in the disputed area. The crux of the dispute is three and a half trillion cubic meters (TCM) of gas in the eastern Mediterranean, of which 2.3 TCM is clearly in the Economic Interest Zones of Egypt, Israel and Cyprus.

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Turkey has S-400 air defense missile system
Turkey, on the other hand, has the S-400 air defense missile system, which can shoot down enemy aircraft from the sky. The S-400 is considered to be Russia’s most advanced long range surface-to-air missile defense system. It is capable of shooting down enemy cruise, aircraft and ballistic missiles. This system is an upgraded version of Russia’s S-300. The missile system, developed by Almaz-Antey, has been in service in Russia since 2007.

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Alliance of Arab countries against Turkey


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