SportsGranada breathes at the cost of a flat and anxious Seville

Granada breathes at the cost of a flat and anxious Seville

Granada won the regional derby against a gray and nervous Sevilla, who offered their worst version of this season. The meritorious local triumph allows Robert Moreno to breathe, since Granada, with suffering, but also with merit and a lot of fighting, achieved its first victory. Sevilla started the game in a too contemplative way, received a goal and then tried to react. Although he had some chance to tie, his game was too flat and predictable, with his coach, Julen Lopetegui transmitting an unusual nervousness from the bench. Granada knew how to hit (they won with a single shot on goal) and take advantage of the anxiety of an unknown Sevilla. La Liga offers tremendous equality and every game is a huge battle. In Sevilla there were too many nerves, with their players very tense, without pause or criteria to make good use of their resources and draw. That unhinged point didn’t suit him. Granada knew how to use it to their advantage to take a victory that tasted like glory against an overly eager opponent, who lost a good opportunity to be at the top of the table.

Sevilla did not know how to play with Granada’s nerves in the first part of the team led by Lopetegui. The desire that the Sevilla team has to let the minutes pass without anything happening is not very well understood either. That apparently passive attitude of Sevilla was, of course, very well taken advantage of by Granada, who jumped onto the pitch with a very high point of intensity, putting a lot of pressure on a team with a too contemplative attitude. Really, Sevilla, especially away from home, play this way. It happens that your defensive system is not always going to work perfectly. Sometimes, because football is a game of mistakes, unexpected glitches appear, where absolutely reliable players show an unknown face. It happened in the goal of this fighter Granada. It is not normal for Diego Carlos to clear in such a poor way. Nor that Bono is misplaced. The saving goal on other occasions swallowed the shot from outside the Rochina area so that Los Cármenes, with 100 percent of its capacity, burst with joy.

The celebration of Robert Moreno on the bench with his players showed the tension that this team is suffering. Sevilla, slow, with Rakitic, Lamela and Suso unfortunate, nevertheless had a great opportunity to tie from set pieces. Acuña put it at the far post, Koundé prolonged and Diego Carlos, with everything in favor, sent the ball out. Despite their discreet game, Lopetegui’s men had some option to achieve a tie. Fruit of the tenacity of players like Fernando, who launched a great shot from outside the area that did not enter by very little. Also due to a good run by Montiel, Navas’s substitute, who centered the area so that Jordán, very loose, could finish off. Sevilla, slow and leaden, left much to be desired against Granada who wanted to keep his goal as a real treasure.

Sevilla came out somewhat better in the second half, with a more ambitious mentality. Lopetegui made change after change and, in the end, introduced too much disorder. Even so, Sevilla enjoyed some occasion to achieve the tie, especially in a Koundé shot at the exit of a corner kick that did not come in by a miracle. Sevilla insisted against a Granada who played it to defend, who managed to break their negative dynamics and who experienced a real liberation with this triumph that tasted like glory. Sevilla was a bundle of nerves, with players like Diego Carlos too fast. He ended up expelled for nudging Luis Suárez, as a frustrated Sevilla ended up too revolutionized. In the midst of so much tension, it was even possible to contemplate some discussion between two companions, the case of Óscar and Acuña, which gave a very bad feeling.

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