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Gran Turismo 7, Sony apologizes for the inefficiency by giving away one million credits

Despite the excellent sales success that has projected it in the first places in the standings a few hours after its launch,
Gran Turismo 7

saw their servers down for more than 24 hours and several controversies around microtransitions: players have complained about the difficulty in upgrading cars without spending additional (real) money in game. To this end, Sony announced today on the PlayStation Blog that will give away one million in-game currency credits to all users. The bonus will be unlocked by logging in to Gran Turismo 7 by April 25, 2022, but only for those who purchased the title by March 25. Also, in April it will arrive a big free update which will guarantee doubled rewards in all the events of the second half of the World Circuit, more substantial rewards for completing the Circuit Experience, greater rewards for online races, eight new one-hour Endurance Race events added to the missions, always with rewards increased, more cars on offer and finally the maximum limit for non-purchased credits increased from 20 to 100 million. It will also be possible to sell the cars, there will be more events in the World Circuit, and in general tweaks to the whole rewards system.