IndiaGovernment gave strict orders from Nepal, Kathmandu against burning effigy of PM...

Government gave strict orders from Nepal, Kathmandu against burning effigy of PM Modi


  • Protests over the death of a young man have been going on in Nepal for the past several days.
  • Slogans are being raised against the PM of India and effigies are being burnt.
  • Home Ministry said – both the countries will resolve the dispute through mutual talks

New Delhi
The Nepal government has taken strict orders against burning an effigy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and shouting slogans against him. Protests have been taking place in Nepal for the past several days over the death of a Nepalese youth. The Nepalese youth died after falling in the Kali river adjoining Pithoragarh, the border district of Uttarakhand.

Anger flared up after death of Nepali youth
Nepalese youth Jai Singh Dhami, who was entering India illegally at Gasku in Dharchula, died after falling into the Kali river on July 30. People protesting in Nepal allege that SSB is responsible for the death of the youth. They say that when the youth was crossing the river with the help of the wire, the SSB had cut the wire. However, the SSB vehemently denied the allegation. People from the Youth Wing and Student Wing of the Communist Party in power in Nepal are protesting and burning an effigy of the Prime Minister of India.

Nepal’s PM calls PM Modi, remembers shared legacy
Nepal’s Ministry of Home Affairs said – will take action
Now the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal has issued a statement saying that action will be taken against those who do such acts. The Nepal Home Ministry has said in a statement that for the last few days, incidents of sloganeering and burning of his effigy have come to the fore to tarnish the image of the Prime Minister of our friendly country. The Home Ministry has deep objection to such disrespectful act.

Nepal worried about loss of national interest
The Government of Nepal wishes to maintain a relationship of friendship with all its friendly countries, the statement said. Under no circumstances will the Government of Nepal allow such incidents to happen which harm the national interest. The Nepal Home Ministry statement said that it has been our tradition that we have been resolving the dispute with the neighboring country through mutual dialogue and diplomatic manner. In future also, for the settlement of any dispute, the recourse of dialogue will be taken. The Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal said that the Ministry of Home Affairs will take steps to control any activity against the neighboring friendly country and those who do such illegal activities will be punished.

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