Google Map showed the dead body to the person looking for parking,...

Google Map showed the dead body to the person looking for parking, many people were shocked to hear the news

Many people were surprised after hearing this news.

New Delhi:

Every day many people around the world reach their destination with the help of Google Map. But once in a while Google Map shows such places, which humans do not even think about. Recently, a person from America has claimed that he saw a ‘corpse’ standing on Google Map. Along with this claim of the person, this news also spread everywhere on social media. The reason is clear that because even before this people have seen many strange things with the help of Google Map. But this case looks completely different from the old cases.

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A person has recently shared a photo on reddit which is scaring many people. In Oregon, America, a man was going to have fun with friends in a pub named Crystalball Room. During this time, he decided that he would see with the help of Google Map whether any parking space is vacant or not. As soon as he checked on Google Map, his senses were blown away. Because he saw such a sight here that anyone would be shocked to see.

This person told that he saw a standing ‘corpse’ near the pub. The person has claimed that he saw the body but people on social media say that it is not a dead body but a scarecrow. Although many people are also saying that for what good is the scarecrow in the middle city. In this debate, one even said that he is a ghost whose both hands are severed. Actually, this picture is not very clear, so it is difficult to tell exactly what the visible thing is actually.

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Let us tell you that due to the directions of Google Map, many people have lost their way. A few days ago, a news was heard, in which it was told that a person was first shown a different path by Google Map. Then instructed him to mount the car on the mango tree. Hearing this instruction of Google Map, the person’s mind was baffled. But now this new case is increasingly covered on social media.