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Girlfriend was beaten to death, the body was cut into pieces and thrown in the dustbin, the killer got this punishment

In Britain, a young man crossed the limits of cruelty with his girlfriend. He first beat his girlfriend to death. Later, his body was dismembered and thrown in the dustbin. Not only this, the killer had informed his cousin about the murder of his girlfriend by sending a message on Facebook. Later the police arrested the accused from the spot. Now the court has sentenced the killer youth to at least 28 years in prison.

In 2018 the court had sentenced 28 years
According to the Daily Mail report, the girlfriend has been identified as 32-year-old Kirby Simone Nodon. Kirby was murdered by her boyfriend Dean Lowe at their home in Marazion, West Cornwall. Lowe was sentenced to 28 years in prison in May 2018 after a lengthy trial at True Crown Court. An investigation has now uncovered how Lowe murdered his girlfriend, Kirby Simone Nodon, in Marazian’s one-bedroom flat between January 11 and 14, 2017.

In the hearing on Monday, the investigating officer told the whole incident
In the hearing held on Monday, Detective Sergeant Christopher Rooney, who is investigating the case, gave the court a series of details of the incident. He said that Kirby and Lowe already knew each other. He also lived in Torquay for some time before moving to Marajian. The police officer said Kirby was originally from Cheshire. But, due to the ultimatum from her boyfriend, her relations with her family were severed.

The couple had children too, but were separated due to intoxication
The police officer also said that they have come to know in the investigation that the couple also has children. But, the children were turned away as both of them took drug injections. Police said that both Kirby and Lowe used to do drugs together. Both of them later moved to Marajian from Torquay to live in a one BHK flat built in the basement.

It was told about the murder by sending a message on Facebook
On the day of the incident, the killer Dean Lowe had informed about this by sending a message to his cousin Tony-Anne Barlow on Facebook. He said that I have killed my girlfriend and put it in the dustbin. He also sent a picture of the place full of blood. After which his cousin informed the Merseyside Police. When the police sent a local team to the scene, they found the mutilated bodies of the killer Dean Lowe and the girlfriend.